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Attend informative and engaging sessions on changing trends and strategies in the product innovation space from experts at Propel and our customer, Formlabs.

Get Your ISV App Ready For The Big Time: Performance Tuning for Enterprise Scale

Ron Hess

Co-Founder & CTO, Propel

Strategies to Gain the Mindshare of Salesforce Teams

November 21, 2019
10:00am - 10:40am
Park Central

Miguel Tam

VP of Alliances, Propel

Bridging Customers and Products with Digital Fabrication enabled by Salesforce

November 21, 2019
12:30pm - 12:50pm
Moscone South

Daniel Snow

CIO, Formlabs

Propel helps companies achieve product success by connecting the people, systems and processes needed to deliver products from concept to customer.

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Task Management

Define, assign and track tasks in our modern project management software. Collaborate with customers and partners on the tasks they need to complete for program management success.

BOM Management

Securely share your latest hierarchical Bills of Materials (BOMs). Use Propel's BOM management software for every product detail, including hardware, documentation, design history, pricing, attachments and more.

Dashboards & Reporting

Create personalized views to stay on top of your team's work. Built-in reports, Kanban task boards and Gantt charts ensure you see your entire project portfolio.

Manufacturing Integration

Next-Gen Software Full of Amazing Features

Easily roll up manufacturing costs and view cost trends for your bill of materials based on the latest Approved Manufacturers Lists (AMLs) and distributor allocations.

Engineering Change Orders

Configure approval workflows the way you want for ECOs, ECRs, CAPAs and more. Review and approve change orders on your phone.

Project Management

Easily track project status, phases and completion dates. Propel's project management software helps you see how changes to commitments and products impact your milestones.

Complete Audit History

Track detailed approval history for change orders, including reviewers, comments, and time-date stamps. Comply with standards like 21 CFR Part 11.

Revisions & Redlines

Graphically redline any product attribute that impacts your customers, including BOMs, pricing, product catalog attributes and configuration rules.

Flexible Categories & Lifecycles

Propel’s flexible lifecycles and categories uniquely manage any type of product data - not just hardware designs - that your customers, partners and employees want to see.


Are you ready to close your value chain gaps?


Build market-leading products from concept to customer

Employees, partners, and customers can collaborate on your most vital product
information - helping boost innovation, product throughput, and customer adoption.

See what it's like to simplify communication and collaboration, streamline product development, and accelerate time to market – all on a single platform.

Siloed processes and platforms impede value chain collaboration and speed to market. Unlike traditional solutions, Propel's cloud solution enables contextual collaboration between product development, commercial, and service teams by providing a single source of product truth with the capabilities needed from concept to customer. 

Accelerate Time To Market

Offer complete data visibility and agility accelerating product development cycles faster than your competition

Build products your customers love by integrating their intelligent feedback with product design 

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Decrease Cost

Incorporate product feedback earlier in the design phase and conduct early manufacturing testing

Tie the customer record to the product, sales, and service records to leverage advanced insights. Make more informed decisions, delivering superior product outcomes that create loyal customers and increased profitability.

Personalized experiences 

Offer your customers more personalized and frictionless user experiences by incorporating the most valuable piece: Their voice.

Actionable feedback

Drive necessary improvements with complete data visibility, accuracy, and integration with sales, service, and local market requirements.

Go global to every market and regulatory environment

To compete and sell in global markets, product companies need to be compliant with local market requirements both at the product and commercial levels. Managing product configurations intelligently drives increased sales revenue, market share, and profitability.

Customer confidence

Stay abreast of environmental and regulatory requirements to instill customer confidence in your brand and products.

Innovative products

Remain an innovation leader by developing products that are guaranteed to perform as intended.

Bring the voice of the customer into every stage of production

PLM, QMS and Commercialization on One Platform


Unlock the benefits of a modern cloud

Propel is built 100% on Salesforce. More than 150,000 companies use Salesforce to grow and manage their business because of the market-leading benefits it delivers. It has been proven to be a stable platform that eliminates common concerns like data discrepancies, delays, and compliance.

We needed a solution that could adapt to us versus us adapting to them. With Propel, we are able to mistake-proof our processes to gain business efficiencies and at the same time ensure compliance.

Brent Lewis
Director of Enterprise IT Quality & Compliance Systems, ASP

One Solution for PLM, Commercialization and QMS